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Sturqen David Arantes César Rodrigues
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A scenic mix by Sturqen connecting 22 works penetrating the subconsciousness and released between 1957 and 2014.

A scenic mix by Sturqen connecting 22 works penetrating the subconsciousness and released between 1957 and 2014.

The authors of the mix are David Arantes and César Rodrigues, publicly know as Sturqen, a heavy and distorted electronic music project based in Porto, Portugal. The duo met in the art school where they were working with visual arts, but gradually they started to focus more on experimentations with sound possibilities. Since 2009 they have started to effectively explore the higher regions of rhythmically structured music and to develop their own noisy, sonic, wisely filtered and strictly analog sound identity. Their extreme music could be easily related to early Pan Sonic or Orphx production principles as it has similar architectural sound background, musical intention and dynamics. The last couple of years was quite productive for the duo. 4 albums and 3 EPs were released on the notable Kvitnu record label which specializes in experimental electronic music. Their latest album “Neophobia” clearly shows project’s increasing technical skills and the potential to become a leading live act in the alternative electronic music scene. In 2011 Sturqen won 2 awards in Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris (in “The Best Artist” and “Discovery” categories) for their digital release “Peste”. Do not miss their “Riscos” cassette EP which is coming soon on Silvox Recordings.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 105” is attentively measured and highly scenic audio collage that sounds like a one sustained contemporary composition. The tracklist hides 22 works penetrating the subconsciousness. They were composed between 1957 and 2014. Sturqen found smooth way how to combine their more non-rhythmic and highly tense improvisations with the timeless pieces by such honorable composers as Gyorgy Ligeti, Richard Maxfield, Jon Rose, Meredith Monk, Wolf Vostell and other talents. It also includes works by such perspective electronic musicians as Shelley Parker, Asolaar and Imaginary Forces. The whole recording’s surface is enriched with complex micro sound particles, thoughtfully programmed multilayered textures and unique sample cuts. The listener is guided through diverse low tone frequences, skillfully digitalized cuts from field recordings, extended sublime melodies and other convulsing and expanding sound layers that could be related to good psychological book narrative. The development of the mix is careful, patient and conceptual what leads to the complete listening satisfaction and exhibits Sturqen’s musical influences, constructive thinking and musical sophistication. It is like an impressive Saint Clair Cemin’s monumental mirrored stainless steel sculpture “Vortex” which is a synthesis of old modern manners and nowadays view to minimalistic, yet abstract expressions.

01. György Ligeti - Glissandi (1957)
02. Sturqen - Nove M (2013)
03. Shelley Parker - Falling Main (2013)
04. Gottfried Michael Koenig - Funktion Blau (1969)
05. Sturqen - Beira (2013)
06. Kenneth Kirschner - September 10, 2006 (2006)
07. Meredith Monk - Excerpt from Turtle Dreams (1983)
08. Critikal - 06 (2003)
09. Sturqen - Grutuzu (2010)
10. Asolaar - Anxiety Disintigrated (2013)
11. Luigi Ceccarelli - Birds (1995)
12. Imaginary Forces - Old Rituals (2014)
13. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen - Satin Stomp Scab Proof Tight (2010)
14. Jon Rose - Serinette Exotique (2007)
15. Sturqen - Coral (2013)
16. Trans Atlantic Rage & Balogh - Soul Combo (2013)
17. Richard Maxfield - Pastoral Symphony (1960)
18. Sturqen - Em Cana (2012)
19. Wolf Vostell - Elektronischer de-coll.age. (1968)
20. Critikal - 05 (2003)
21. Sturqen - Vela (2012)
22. Kotra - Magnifier (2003)

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