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Cover Artwork by Robert McNally

Cover Artwork by Robert McNally

INF-022 Back Artwork INF-022 Front Artwork The re-emergence of Infrastructure has been a happy piece of news for those who want electronic music to go one step beyond. During the last two years, the US label run by David Sumner (aka Function) and Ed Davenport (aka Inland) has put out a good fistful of superb works by both artists, but has also incorporated some other names such as Campbell Irvine, Post Scriptum, Mark Archer, Cassegrain and Tin Man. This is Infrastructure’s next milestone – “Facticity” A 4 x 12'' vinyl box set, CD and digital format compilation featuring 15 tracks by key artists, label colleagues and new faces. ”Facticity” is in itself a manifesto that builds the foundations for the label’s upcoming years.

This 92-minute long compilation includes tracks by Function, Inland, Function/Inland, Campbell Irvine, Post Scriptum, Cassegrain & Tin Man, Rrose, Efdemin, Vatican Shadow, Silent Servant, Blue Hour, Steve Bicknell and Cleric. Eclectic and highly inspired, the pieces range from lush, ambient electronics and post-club diversions, to contemporary club techno and back again. Thus, it is correct to say that the album at hand is not a mere compilation, but also a road map and declaration of intent.

The opening track by Campbell Irvine, “Dislocation Is Only the Beginning”, provides a smooth and psychoactive effect, and is built upon watery sounds and xylophone chords. Vatican Shadow’s “Swords Over Paradise” departs a bit from Dominick Fernow’s rough-visceral-noisy style. The American composer skillfully approaches ambient by means of immersive layers and simple but evocative synths. Rrose’s “Cephalon” also leaves behind any club floor intent to dive deep into a sea of textures by sculpting a truly mesmerizing soundscape, somewhat in line with early Autechre works. Acid basslines start gaining presence with some other tracks, providing listeners with an undoubtedly atmospheric experience, namely, Cassegrain & Tilt Man’s “Polyacid Blue”, Inland’s “Acidalia” and “Low Lights & Trick Mirrors” by Function, the latter being more danceable and luminous than the previous two but still within the acid realm. In “Passage Through Darkness”, Steve Bicknell, the former resident DJ at the Energy raves and man behind LOST events, puts together a frantic cosmic killer track for late after hours (early for some). As ravey as it can be, this one will be a jaw-dropping fav for any all-nighter. The honor to close this release lies on the shoulders of Silent Servant. “End/Optimism” is a shapeless brief composition based on the use of white noise, frequency alterations and echo effects. John Mendez’s piece is a short but enjoyable ghostly avant-garde track that waves goodbye to an album but says hello to a promising future for this iconic label.

All in all, with “Facticity”, Infrastructure underlines the label’s durable commitment to diversity. They definitely show their intent to create an OST for all tastes built upon a heterogeneous mix of forward-looking styles and a cross-genre palette of artists. In itself, the album provides high-quality tracks ranging from ambient, to acid or techno. Perfect for restless minds.

Stream this exclusive new Vatican Shadow track off Facticity:


A1 / 1. Campbell Irvine - Dislocation Is Only The Beginning
A2 / 2. Vatican Shadow - Swords Over Paradise
B1 / 3. Rrose - Cephalon
B2 / 4. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Polyacid Blue
C1 / 5. Inland - Acidalia
C2 / 6. Post Scriptum - ISDAT
D1 / 7. Steve Bicknell - Passage Through Darkness
D2 / 8. Cleric - Concrete
E1 / 9. Blue Hour - Averting
E2 / 10. Function - Low Lights & Trick Mirrors
F1 / 11. Efdemin - Kassiber
F2 / 12. Post Scriptum - Donbelief
G1 / 13. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Open Sea
H1 / 14. Function/Inland - Colwyn Bay
H2 / 15. Silent Servant - End / Optimism

P.S. Infrastructure New York will release Facticity on June 3rd, 2016.

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