Secret Thirteen Mix 010 - Pimmon

Pimmon - Secret Thirteen Mix 010

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“Secret Thirteen Mix 010” is an unpredictable musical compilation that consists of fifteen uncommon records released between 1980-2011 mostly by the original Australian underground artists.

The author of the mix is an intellectual musician Paul Gough (born 1964), widely known as Pimmon, based in Sydney, Australia. He's one of the pioneers of computer-using musicians that made notable contributions to improvised music (Electroacoustic improvisation). Started making music in the early 80s and since 1999 Pimmon had released more than twenty records on labels such as Fat Cat Records, Fällt, Tigerbeat6, Staalplaat and Room40. Played across the earth from SF MoMa to various European festivals. He also collaborated with Oren Ambarchi, Fennesz, Peter Rehberg, Keith Rowe, Köhn. Paul can be described as an authoritative figure on the contemporary field of music. Among the other things he's the senior of sound engineering and “Quiet Space” program host in Australian radio ABC Radio National.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 010” is a thoroughly crafted exclusive mixed compilation which clearly reflects author’s longevous musical experience. The basis of the mix stands on the resonance, disharmony, glitches and distorted atmospheres. Authentic records are played in a deliberately chaotic way without any principles of sequence and that means no main musical style or sound synchronizing used while recording this mix. This fact makes selection richer, enigmatic and timeless. Mixing is strict and short that completely fits selected experimental, abstract, weird - home listening music.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 010” is like non-traditional Chun Kwang Young sculptures where observer needs not only to absorb the perplexing size and rotational surface form, but also needs a creative imagination to interpret inland object processes.


01. SoliPsiK - See-Saw [M Squared, 1981]
02. R.N.A. Organism - Nativity [Vanity Records, 1980]
03. Vortex Rikers - Void [Sweat Lodge Guru, 2010]
04. Go Back To Your Precious Wife And Son - Track 1 [Self Released]
05. Lloyd Barrett - The Machine Belly [Room40, 2006]
06. Cleptoclectics - To Loop Or Not To Loop [Self Released]
07. Voder Deth Squad - B Side (excerpt) [Stunned Records, 2011]
08. Pimmon - Fictitious Cells [FatCat Records, 2000]
09. Frank Bretschneider - The Big Black and White Game [Raster-Noton, 2007]
10. Kit Clayton - Deadlock [Cytrax, 1998]
11. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Fractal [Miasmah, 2007]
12. Rambutan – Imagined Vista (excerpt) [Stunned Records, 2010]
13. Housewife - Glass Eyes [Self Released, 2011]
14. Lithops - Kahn (edit) [Eat Raw, 1996]
15. F.X. Randomiz - Yaun Twais Oy [Mille Plateaux, 1997]

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