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Kreng is a device used for soundtracks. Most of the work is linked to the theatre group Abattoir Fermé. Records are released through the Miasmah label. Kreng is supervised by Pepijn Caudron.

Photo from Kreng's personal archive

A grandiose musical collection by Kreng consisting of thirty four accurately cut and edited records.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 038” is a painstaking musical montage, made of differently performed diverse solo instruments’ sampled parts. The whole work is filled with compositions of such honorable classical virtuosos as Krzysztof Penderecki, Bernard Herrmann, Erik Satie, Bill Dixon, John Cage, John Butcher, Giacinto Scelsi and others. This enigmatic musical selection has reasonable potential to call itself a timeless masterwork which connects different period and generation talents in the luxurious fictional scene.

The author of the mix is Pepijn Caudron (born in 1975), widely known as Kreng. Caudron is a Flemish actor and contemporary composer who lives and works in Mechelen, Belgium. Kreng started his career as a thoughtfully sample-based project, who incorporated sounds from various rare musical sources: free improvisation, variable electronics, modern classical, folklore, field recordings and others. The project progressively gained more and more theatrical and cinematic musical color and thus it started to receive an attention from alternative film and theater directors. Kreng has worked on more than twenty theater and dance performances, most of them produced by the Belgian non-traditional theatre-commune Abattoir Fermé. Caudron has officially released two full-length striking albums (both formats CD and vinyl) on the honorable Miasmah record label and two digital EPs on short-lived Fant00m imprint. This October he is ready to launch his third album "Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007 - 2011", which will consist of four vinyls. Listen to the album teaser here.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 038” is a grandiose musical collection, consisting of thirty four accurately cut and edited records. Skillfully merged and smoothly developed instrumental installation creates an absolute solid feeling for the listener. Deliberate layering of strings, keyboards, percussion and wind instruments is equivalent to the professional live performance of the whole ensemble. Occasionally emerging significant spoken-words in the fragile background enrich the musical ideology in the dramaturgical perspective. Sometimes appearing subtle dissonance mystifies the whole work and evokes controversial depressive and nostalgic feelings. In some ways it is an example of Kreng's personal creations where he uses micro-scale samples, only this time it can be called a macro-scale. High-quality cathedral sounding experience with all of its subtle balanced emotional vision and arrangement fully educates the listening audience.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 038” is like a genuine and humanistic Jean Dubuffet 'low art' painting “Grand Jazz Band” where beauty of truthfulness expresses personalities and their musical instruments as equally important. Caudron definitely revealed himself as a passionate and educated collector of records who has an extensive musical philosophy and a talent which is needed for being a major composer.

Reveal Playlist
00:00:00 - Aphex Twin - Nanou 2 (piano)
00:00:00 - Unknown - Chant Responsorial A Capella (Burkina Faso) (vocal)
00:01:24 - Penderecki - Cadenza for Solo Viola (viola)
00:02:29 - Colin Steson - All The Days I've Missed You (ILAIJ I) (baritone saxophone)
00:03:34 - Giacinto Scelsi - Ixor (clarinet)
00:04:32 - Kris Defoort - Solo Jim (a drumsolo by Jim Black)
00:05:16 - John Butcher - Floating Cult (saxophone)
00:06:26 - Anthony Braxton - Intervallic (saxophone)
00:06:44 - Chris Corsano - When You Throw The Ball At Top Speed (a pretty noisy device...)
00:07:24 - Kaija Saariaho - Spins and Spells (cello)
00:09:53 - Marc Ribot - Variation 1 (guitar)
00:11:33 - John Cage - Sonata IX For Prepared Piano (piano)
00:13:34 - A Qui Avec Gabriel - Sei Getsu Tan (accordion)
00:14:17 - Teiji Ito - Steel Drum (percussion)
00:15:55 - Bill Dixon - Poemm Per I Delicati (trumpet)
00:16:48 - Zbigniew Preisner - The Beginning (flute)
00:17:07 - Gyorgy Kurtag - Quasi Senza Tempo (viola)
00:17:48 - Jimpson & Group - The Murderer's Home (vocal)
00:17:57 - Bernard Herrmann - Journey To Center Of The Earth (a piano re-interpretation by Stephan Oliva)
00:19:39 - Conrad Beck - Für Paul Sacher: Drei Epigramme für Violoncello Solo. III. Vivo (cello)
00:20:52 - MaxRoach - drumsolo (drums)
00:22:05 - Anthony Braxton - 'Round About Midnight (saxophone)
00:22:05 - Bill Dixon - Fortunata (trumpet)
00:23:42 - Bill Dixon - Does Your Music Express A General... (spoken word)
00:23:45 - Wilbert De Joode - Lepel (contrabass)
00:24:14 - Morton Feldman - Illusions 2 (piano)
00:26:25 - Erik Satie - Ogive 4 (piano)
00:26:26 - Poul Ruders - Bravour Studies - Variation III: Serenade II (cello)
00:28:48 - Colin Stetson - Our Heartbreak Perfect (saxophone)
00:29:44 - Philip Glass / Floraleda Sacchi - Metamorphosis No. 1 - Moderate (harp)
00:32:28 - Conrad Beck - Für Paul Sacher: Drei Epigramme für Violoncello Solo. II. Tranquillo (cello)
00:33:38 - Marc Ribot - Empty (guitar)
00:35:03 - Giacinto Scelsi - Preludi, Serie I: 4. Moderato (piano)
00:36:18 - Colin Stetson - Groundswell (saxophone)

Kreng – compiled & mixed at The Attic – 18 september 2012

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