Secret Thirteen Mix 057 - Pietro Riparbelli


Pietro Riparbelli - Secret Thirteen Mix 057

“Secret Thirteen Mix 057” is a conceptually compiled influential audio selection that is focusing on the 60's, 70's and 80's new wave, electronic, progressive and psychedelic genres with a strong reference to Italian intellectual music scene. This compilation includes 12 diverse records by such internationally acclaimed artists as Franco Battiato, Pietro Grossi, CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea, The Soft Machine and others.

The author of the mix is Pietro Riparbelli (known as K11, PT-R), an Italian philosopher, composer, sound artist and curator based in Livorno (Tuscany). His compositions have been published by such solid record labels as TOUCH, Radical Matters Ed/Label, Gruenrekorder, Old Europa Cafe and others. Riparbelli’s performances and installations have been presented at D’Amelio Terras contemporary art gallery (NY), Equinox Festival (London), Nuit Blanche (Paris) and another places across the globe. He is working as a curator at the Enrico Fornello Contemporary Art Gallery and also producing “Metasound” series at the independent music label Radical Matters. Riparbelli is obsessed with various arched architectural objects where he had recorded numerous exciting environment soundscapes (click here to listen to these pieces).

“Secret Thirteen Mix 057” is a smoothly shifting mix that explores coherent connection among different music styles, periods and meaning behind the works. Its basis stands on the constantly moving complex ambiance, live-played mobile rhythms, memorable and provocative vocals. The rich background is strengthened with the experimental and improvisational guitar arrangement, harsh device effects and sustained compositional atmospheres. In some way it secretly manifests against what we are missing in the alternative scene these days. Energetically, passionately, thoughtfully and professionally performed and high-quality recorded tracks sound timeless. Properly maintained kaleidoscopic emotional balance and whole concept create a real cinematic feeling from the very beginning till the very end.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 057” is like a strangely confusing Enrico Accatino's modern art work “Gabbiani”. Abstractly and impressionistically painted maneuvrable doves in the turbulent horizon shape a controversial composition that varies among greed, freedom, fight, hope, love and chaos perception. Riparbelli's mix definitely reflects these separate aspects and uncovers much more than different sociological and emotional interpretations. Also this mix lets us know more about Riparbelli's early influences that directed him to explore, generate and create his own personal systematic sound.


1. Franco Battiato - Plancton [Artis Records / 1973]
2. Can - Deadlock [Spoon Records / 1978]
3. Demetrio Stratos - Flautofonie Ed Altro [Cramps Records / 1978]
4. Amon Düül II - Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren [Mantra Records / 1969]
5. Iannis Xenakis - Orient-Occident [Electronic Music Foundation / 1960] - excerpt
6. CCCP - Fedeli Alla Linea - Emilia Paranoica (Remiscelata) [Attack Punk Records / 1986]
7. Radical Matters - Editions/Label - VII [Radical Matters / 2006]
8. Franco Battiato - Canto Fermo [Bla Bla / 1975]
9. Area - Cometa Rossa [Cramps Records / 1975]
10. The Soft Machine - Hope For Happiness (Reprise) [Probe / 1968]
11. Pietro Grossi - Progetto 2 - 3 [Die Schachtel / 1961] - excerpt
12. Franco Battiato - Anafase [Bla Bla / 1971]

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