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“Secret Thirteen Mix 059” is a sentimentally crafted picturesque audio compilation which smoothly connects 25 original records released between 1968 and 2012 on probably the most influential alternative music labels such as Wax Trax!, Rephlex, Apollo, Mordern Love and others. The idea of the mix is to include and recall works by such acclaimed and skilled musicians as Brian Eno, Skinny Puppy, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey and many more promising and significant artists. It is a clear reflection of respectable and analytical view to the whole electronic music history.

The authors of the mix are Mark Van Hoen (ex-Seefeel) and Louis Sherman, known as Locust, British electronic music artists. Locust project was initiated by Mark Van Hoen in the late 90's. Locust records were released on such noticeable labels as Apollo, Sub Rosa, R & S Records and Touch. After more than a decade of silence a new Locust album “You'll Be Safe Forever” soon will be released at Editions Mego label. It is a legendary project and people behind it do a perceptible impact to the whole electronic music history. Read the full interview with Mark Van Hoen for more facts about his achievements in music, philosophy and future plans on our Secret Thirteen Interview section.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 059” is an explorational and emotionally intense selection from its slightly depressive beginning till the nostalgic end. By fusing diverse catalogs that are disobedient to time and style, Locust gradually creates a timeless chef-d'oeuvre that transmits the conceptuality, the matureness, the flexibility, the sensitiveness and the meaningfulness. This mix hides differently performed guitar parts, constantly expanding and unfolding cinematic atmospheres, wisely programmed effects and sustained melodies. There is no concrete background as individuality in sound processing, live instruments arrangement and continually shifting works are the main priority. The magical sense is obtained from occasionally appearing dreamy vocals, authentically modulated synthesizer fragments and meditatively moving rhythmical patterns. It is hard to describe properly all the sounds and their different performing types as it is a very kaleidoscopic compilation that contains music from experimental, ambient to psychedelic-rock, downtempo. The structural developing and whole mixing are deliberate and calm, do not interrupt the listener's concentration to the process even there is a lot to say musically in wider perspective. That subtle balance between contrasting records requires some technical and sensuous skills. It is a priceless high-quality mix that needs not only to listen attentively, but also take some delicate food and a couple of close friends.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 059” is like a momentous Patrick Henry Bruce modern art painting “Painting” where vivid and effective composition is achieved from the Cubist style geometric shapes that are covered with rich palette of colors. Seems that it induces a recreative (intellectual and spiritual state) fictional conversation about nowadays bohemian, society, arts, philosophy and another unconventional subjects important to all the creative and inquisitive people. There is no doubt that mix authors share all their mentality, responsibility, care and musical knowledge with every observer.

Show Playlist
01. Henk Badings - Ballet Suite: Intermezzo [Philips, 1968]
02. Brian Eno - Empty Landscape [Virgin, 1993]
03. The Human League - Morale... [Virgin, 1979]
04. Grouper - Cover The Windows And The Walls [Root Strata, 2007]
05. Leila - Melodicore [Rephlex, 1998]
06. Deuter - Surat Shabda [Kuckuck, 1972]
07. David Axelrod - The Human Abstract [Capitol Records, 1969]
08. Hype Williams - Untitled Live [???, ???]
09. Andy Stott - Hatch The Plan [Modern Love, 2012]
10. Mark Van Hoen - Real Love [Apollo, 1998]
11. V.D.B. Joel / S. Burdson - Volcanic Activity [Coloursound Library, 1980]
12. Coil - Where Even The Darkness Is Something To See [Wax Trax! Records, 1991]
13. Throbbing Gristle - Walkabout [Industrial Records, 1979]
14. Vladimir Cosma - Pavane Spatiale [PSI, 1969]
15. Achim Reichel - Thin Is The Skin Of Ecstasy (Dünn Ist Die Haut Der Ekstase) [Zebra, 1973]
16. Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonaze 10th Movement [PDU, 1975]
17. Chris & Cosey - I Belong To Me [Wax Trax! Records, 1991]
18. Inga Copeland - Trample [No 'Label', 2011]
19. Orlando Kimber / John Keliehor - Heavenly Clouds [Bruton Music, 1984]
20. Harmonia & Eno '76 - When Shade Was Born [Grönland Records, 2009]
21. Skinny Puppy - Love [Nettwerk, 1986]
22. Psyche - How The West Was Won [Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART), 1993]
23. Ralph Lundsten - Prayer 1 - Hallowed Be Thy Name [EMI Classics, 1996]
24. Cluster - In Ewigkeit [Sky Records, 1976]
25. ELpH vs. Coil - Ended [Eskaton, 1995]

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