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“Secret Thirteen Mix 066” is a calmly waving musical compilation that consists of 45 picturesque works released between 1998 and 2012. Smooth and refreshing pieces by notable contemporary music artists and composers such as Steinbrüchel, Steve Roden, Jasper TX, Nils Frahm, Benny Nilsen, Chris Watson, Greg Haines and others let the listeners experience a high-quality and authentic musical voyage.

The author of the mix is Ralph Steinbrüchel (b. 1969), a Swiss sound sculptor, performer and graphic designer now living in Zurich, Switzerland. After starting his career in the middle of 90s, Steinbrüchel has gradually achieved a global recognition among contemporary music listeners, records buyers and media. His electronic minimalistic experiments, aesthetics and conceptual arrangements are so easy to immerse in. In over than a decade Steinbrüchel has created numerous records released on honorable labels such as Line, Room40, and/OAR, 12k, BineMusic and others. Fruitful collaborations with talented musicians such as Cory Allen, Frank Bretschneider, Günter Müller, Kim Cascone and Machinefabriek definitely strengthened his technical knowledge and diplomatic skills. It is important to mention that Steinbrüchel has studied Communication Design at Central Saint Martins School in London, where he was awarded a degree of Masters of Arts and Design with distinction. He creates various designs and artworks under name ORDNER.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 066” is a coherent and contemplative 2-hour audio compilation that definitely mirrors Steinbrüchel’s inner peace and his mellow musical taste. The transcendental music concept is developing slowly, thus there is enough time for absorption of every segment and for the freedom of interpretation also. By carefully choosing and connecting tracks, Steinbrüchel creates the significant wholeness which is carefully balancing between light and often shapeless musical textures. Luminous musical background of this mix is covered with a sonorous soft tension. Extensive aerial atmospheres are drifting through the whole work and gently changing forms by assimilating even a rustle sound. Melancholic and sentimental kaleidoscopic melodies immerse in the field of contemporary compositions while occasionally emerging diverse instrumentation entries and refined varying piano chords bring some vitality into this selection. Sometimes appearing gentle glitches, oscillating and mesmerising live recordings, drowned and improvisational rhythms subtly enrich the whole cinematographic soundscape.

“Secret Thirteen Mix 066” is like a delicately intimate and marvelous expressionistic paper cutout “Blue Nude” by Henri Matisse where expressive character covered with ocean blue colour presents calmness, concentration and intelligence. Steinbrüchel's mix is like a peaceful and scenic journey into the vivid memories of life.

Show Playlist
01 Christina Kubisch - Diapason (Semishigure, 2002)
02 Jonathan Coleclough - Period (Anomalous Records, 2001)
03 Schurer > Steinbrüchel - 7 - (Nonvisualobjects, 2007)
04 Tsukimono - Blown Away - Time Canvas (Kning Disk, 2007)
05 Ueno - 8 - Sui Gin (Room40, 2008)
06 V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble - Transition - Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me (iDEAL Recordings, 2008)
07 Steinbrüchel - +:- - Spartak Remix (hellosQuare Recordings, 2008)
08 Denseland - Monk - Chunk (Mosz, 2010)
09 Hazard - Tangled Mass - North (Ash International, 1998)
10 Machinefabriek - 13 - Sol Sketches (Champion Version, 2011)
11 Sigbjørn Apeland - Lite - Glossolalia (Hubro, 2010)
12 Steve Roden - Winter Couplet (New Plastic Music, 2002)
13 Steve Roden - Truth is the Bell - Light Forms (Semishigure, 2003)
14 Nicola Ratti - Track Two - Streengs (Senufo Editions, 2012)
15 Thomas Strønen - Interacting Massive Particles - Pohlitz (Rune Grammofon, 2006)
16 Tomoko Sauvage – Amniotic Life – Ombrophilia (either/OAR)
17 Microstoria - Me too modula - Model 3 Step 2 (Sonig, 2000)
18 Jasper TX - I Will Be Birds When I Die - In a cool monsoon (Pumpkin seeds in the sand, 2007)
19 Chris Watson - Adult cheetah resting by beobab tree - Outside The Circle Of Fire (Touch, 1998)
20 Mileece - Fern - Formations (Lo Recordings, 2002)
21 Colleen - Floating in the clearest night - The golden morning breaks (Leaf Label, 2005)
22 F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm - Kugler - Music for lovers : Music versus time (Sonic Pieces, 2010)
23 Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling - Flykt - 30° i Februari (Kning Disk)
24 Greg Haines - Snow Airport (for piano) - Moments Eluding (Kning Disk, 2012)
25 Steinbrüchel - Snooze - Silent Room (SK Factory, 2007)
26 Dale Berning - Room the horse and camel stories (Flau, 2007)
27 Pawn - Botttom of bottle - Above the winter oaks (The land of, 2010)
28 Yuichiro Fujimoto - Little Sunset - Komorbi (Smalltown Supersound, 2004)
29 Billy Gomberg - Into - Comme (mOAR, 2009)
30 Attila Faravelli - 4 untitled - Underneath the surface (Die Schachtel, 2009)
31 Schurer - Great Silences - Vexations (Domizil, 2004)
32 Matti Bye, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Mattias Olsson - Moon behind the Tree - Elephant and Castle (Kning Disk)
33 Alog - Orgosolo II - Unemployed (Rune Grammofon, 2011)
34 Arve Henriksen- Leaf and Rock - Strjon (Rune Grammofon, 2007)
35 Duane Pitre - Section III - Feel Free (Important Records, 2012)
36 GoGooo - Partir Loin - Long, Lointain (Baskaru, 2007)
37 Alexander Rishaug - Drawing a Day - Shadow of Events (Dekorder, 2011)
38 Federico Durand - Elin - El'extasis de las flores peguenas (Own Records, 2008)
39 Takeshi Nishimoto - Memory 4am - Monologue (Büro, 2007)
40 Goldmund - Downward to darkness on extended wings - Cordury road (Type, 2005)
41 Espen Eriksen Trio - To whom it may concern - You had me at goodbye (Rune Grammofon, 2010)
42 Flim - 3 - Pola Music (Powershovel Audio)
43 Nils Frahm - And patterns - Moss (Cote labo)
44 Rafael Toral - RDM - Electric babyland / Lullabies (Tomlab, 2002)
45 The Conet Project - The Swedish Rhapsody [G2A] (Irdial)

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