Skaņu Mežs Festival 2013 - The Lighthouse In The Baltic States Experimental Music Scene


Skaņu Mežs - scenic music festival that should enchant and fully involve every sophisticated listener into its bizarre sounds vortex

Riga, the largest city of the Baltic states, is preparing to host the annual kaleidoscopic “Skaņu Mežs” festival on October 10-12. It will be the 11th time when festival's studious organisers invite people to immerse into more experimental, conceptual music shows and to feel city's cultural life convulsions. Festival will take place at three different monumental locations: cinema theater Splendid Palace, concert hall Palladium and Latvian Railway Museum. Probably great financial support from the European Union and Latvian Cultural Ministry allowed organizers to invite a great number of international, extremely talented and honourable artists and occupy these magnificent architectural buildings presenting their specially developed performances for this festival. According to the organizers each night will have its own concept that is accompanied by literal interpretations: "“Spaces,” “Chambers” and “Rooms”. These imaginative titles reflect the nature of music played at each event: “Spaces” refers to the epic soundscapes of this evening will create; “Chambers” - dance music attraction to dark, surreal and isolated venues; “Rooms” - this title plays with the concept of chamber music".

Skanu Mezs Festival 2012

Photos from previous (2012) Skaņu Mežs festival.

Many of our readers should agree that this kind of musical adventures with so many honoured artists happen too rarely and it is a sin to miss this influential journey through flowing invaluable contemporary electronic music soundscapes. Secret Thirteen is very glad to be a media partner of this very promising and constantly expanding festival, also with the opportunity to visit all the specific venues, to study technical exposition quality, artist performances and the whole floating atmosphere between the audience and surroundings. For those who don't have a possibility to visit “Skaņu Mežs” festival this year, we promise to bring an exclusive review about the memorable performances, organising and the overall visual and spiritual sense that our journalist will see, hear and experience out there.

The Schedule:

October 10, Splendid Palace – “Spaces”

Jaga Jazzist
KTL (Peter Rehberg & Stephen O'Malley)
William Hooker with Liudas Mockūnas & Edgars Rubenis
Phill Niblock
Nate Young - performance of the new soundtrack for the Latvian movie “Nāves ēnā” (In the Shadow of Death)
Jan-Peter Sonntag
Stephan Mathieu

October 11, Palladium – “Chambers”

Andy Stott
Demdike Stare
Ajukaja & Mart Avi
NMO (Navngitt Mønster Opptog)
Martins Rokis
Toms Auniņš

October 12, Latvian Railroad Museum – “Rooms”

Chamber music by Maja S.K. Ratkje
Ensemble Mi-65 performs Milan Adamciak
Eriks Kiršfelds performs Krzystof Penderecki and Linda Leimane
Marta Spārniņa & Normunds Šnē performs Pierre Boulez
performance of Luc Ferrari’s work by eRikm
concerts by Marcus Schmickler, Lustmord & Ectoplasm Girls

You can download a full schedule here

More about Skaņu Mežs Festival 2013: Website - Twitter - Facebook

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