STM 058 - Ancient Methods

Techno artist Ancient Methods aka Michael Wollenhaupt Trias

Photo by Marie Staggat

A personal mix from Ancient Methods, varying between unexpected music styles, including acoustic, ambient, industrial music, neofolk, new wave and tribal.


The author of the mix is Michael Wollenhaupt, better known as Ancient Methods or Trias, a German techno music artist and DJ. Ancient Methods was originally a duo consisting of Conrad Protzmann and Michael Wollenhaupt, the latter of whom the project has been synonymous with ever since the two parted ways. Since the mid ‘00s Ancient Methods has released numerous internationally acclaimed records, mainly on his eponymous label but also on RSB, Hands Productions, Candela Rising and others. Wollenhaupt has collaborated quite a bit over the years, including work with such musicians as Adam X, Kareem, Regis and Gordon Sharp. The music of Ancient Methods is known for its cutthroat precision and focus on the dancefloor. Michael’s brand of industrial techno is some of the most dynamic out there, eschewing meditative qualities in favor of rapid structural evolution. Recently Ancient Methods has shown an increasing interest in exploring a number of new directions as heard on The First Siren or The Asking Breath Comes To Each. It’s hard to say what comes next, but this exclusive mix should leave no doubt that Michael ponders a lot of different sonic areas.

Secret Thirteen Mix 058 is a personal and passionately selected musical compilation built on a smooth rhythmic background, sentimental melodies and mesmerizing vocals. This audio selection was assembled from 16 penetrating records released between 1986 and 2011 by the likes of DAF, Current 93, Deutsch Nepal, Mark Van Hoen and other less expected musicians. Works included belong to many different music styles such as acoustic, ambient, industrial music, neofolk and new wave. The development is calm, every piece has enough time to expand and unfold completely. Starting from flowing ambience and subtle electronics and continuing with lively recorded compositions until an organic noise culmination. The background of this selection is indeed complex but also very thrilling. The palette is more than kaleidoscopic and requires patience, absorption and empathy to hear and perceive it fully. The mixing is strict, but it leaves room for emotional and ideological exposure. It is a mixture of archaic synthesizer sounds, suggestive rhythmic patterns, provocative and sarcastic lyrics that evoke melancholic or even destructive moods. This mix indirectly reflects the influences of the sound of Ancient Methods that usually includes brutal and intense beats, as well as sublime and uncovered harmonic arrangement.

Secret Thirteen Mix 058 is like Günther Förg's abstract “Untitled” painting, where a heavily-dyed, almost completely black monochrome structure invites each of us to explore the obscure areas of our lives and minds and the significance of external reality.

01. Arvo Pärt – Minacciando [ECM New Series, 2005]
02. Mark van Hoen – Real Love [Apollo, 1998]
03. Les Joyaux De La Princesse – Automne 1941 [Le Joyaux De La Princesse, 1989]
04. Deutsch Nepal – An Invitation To Heaven [Autarkeia, 2011]
05. Atzmann Zoubar – Main De Gloire [Binturong Music, 2011]
06. Institut – Grey Ground [Cold Meat Industry, 2000]
07. Diversion Group – A Man Has Responsibilities [Downwards, 2000]
08. D.A.F – Prinzessin [Virgin, 1988]
09. Jessica Bailiff – Warren (Home Version) [Bad Jazz, 1999]
10. Ure Thrall – Donkey Cart Missile Assault [Tesco Organization, 2006]
11. In Gowan Ring – Stone Song III [World Serpent, 1997]
12. Current 93 – The Death Of The Corn [Durtro, 1999]
13. :Of The Wand & The Moon: – Tear It Apart [Heidrunar Myrkrunar, 2011]
14. The Green Man – The Man Of Lie [Hau Ruck! SPQR, 2007]
15. Dead Can Dance – In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated [4AD, 1986]
16. Hrvatski – Cirrus Minor (98) [Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge, 1999]

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