STM 279 - Marcos Cabral

NY artist Marcos Cabral of LIES records

Photo by Ruvan Wijesooriya

L.I.E.S. records associate Marcos Cabral compiles a warm and groovy selection of electronic experimentalism inspired by krautrock, psychedelia and prog.

Marcos Cabral is a Texas based producer making some of the most adventurous electronic music out there ever since 2003. Probably best known for series of dubby, murky 90s techno inspired releases on Ron Morelli's label L.I.E.S., such as „False Memories“ or „Buried Alive Twice“, Marcos is equally prolific in his other endeavors. His varied tastes and affiliations stretch from his early days of making hip hop remixes and organising rave parties in his native New York to idiosyncratic house and disco oriented works under his Runaway project with Jacques Renault, to unpredictable solo ventures into both gritty experimentation and soulful dance music. In Cabral's case, genre only means so much, which he skillfully demonstrates across numerous releases on labels such as Mule Musiq, Creme Organization or his own imprint Hamilton Dance Records. On his 2018 EP „Nature Walk“ many of these influences come together in a diverse mash up of joyous and nocturnal sounds, linking them into comprehensive structure.

On his AM mix for Secret Thirteen, Marcos turns his attention to warm, groovy, relaxed vibes and crystalline ambience. It's a finely structured, attentive journey through more dreamy, trippy sound spaces from the 80s, exploring the colorful, almost forgotten world of electronic experimentalism inspired by krautrock, psychedelia and cinematic prog. The mix kicks off with a blissful melancholy of David Parson's amazing „Gangotri“ , which gently melts into hypnotic wanderings of John Livengood and French duo Fondation. Later on, it elegantly moves to haunting lyricism of Mario Schönwälder or Paul Nagle, Steve Roache's poetic dark hues, only to return to soft cosmic improvisations. It's perfect for that time between late night and early morning, guiding the listener through extraterrestrial and earthly dimensions and throwing him under its serene, contemplative spell, showing yet another side of Cabral's rich taste.

Marcos Cabral on the mix:

It's a very special mix of rare ambient and new age music. It's something people can listen to many times and still discover new things.

Reveal Playlist
01. David Parsons - Tibetan Plateau [Fortuna Records 1991]
02. John Livengood - Zen Hit Bal I1 N'est [Eurock 1980]
03. Fondation - Metamorphoses [Self Released 1980]
04. Mario Schönwälder - One Man And The Flowers… [Orpheus Productions 1988]
05. Paul Nagle - Dragon Flight [Soft Room 1984]
06. Young Scientist - Over Low Trees… [Self Released 1979]
07. James Potter - My Sediments Exactly [Self Released 1987]
08. Ben Kettlewell - Tamarin [Electronic Dreams 1989]
09. Lightwave - Correspondance [Lightwave Productions 1988]
10. Steve Roach - Something in Tears [Estúdio Eldorado 1989]
11. Robert Rich - Approach [Auricle 1988]
12. Rudiger Lorenz - Anigre [YHR Tapes 1983]

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