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Paco Sala of Denovali Records delivers a beautiful and cinematic sonic narrative with tracks ranging from lo-fi synthscapes to Japanese chamber pop.

Paco Sala is a London/Berlin-based duo consisting of Antony Harrison and Marie-Pascale Hardy. They released records on such labels as Denovali, Night School, Digitalis Recordings. Their sound fuses emotional songwriting, noirish atmospheres and the most elegant forms of experimental pop. Love, relationships and feelings are a prevalent topic in Paco Sala’s lyrics. Thus, this combination creates a powerful form of sound poetry - a heartwarming and deeply immersive world. The most recent record “Our Love is The Gold” is undoubtedly the high point of their career. All the before mentioned elements of their music blossom here in a wide variety of nightly tones, yet creating a very hazy and transparent mood. Check the fresh video for the slow-paced dream-pop gem “Montezuma” here.

Secret Thirteen mix 292 emphasizes cinematic atmospheres and intense soundscapes and collects contemporary artists from different backgrounds for a compelling narrative. The mix kicks off with breezily haunted synth passages of Palolo and travels onto the silky minimal wave of Metro Riders and oriental sonic trips by Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent. In the mid-section the mix gets more intense and more explicit rhythmics emerge with lo-fi EBM by Beau Wanzer or sharp and glassy synthesis of Stacian. The narrative reaches its denouement towards the end with lullabic drift by outsider house darling Anthony Naples and Japanese chamber pop by Eiko Ishibashi. The selection subtly reveals diverse music tastes of Antony and Marie-Pascale and provides our listener with a captivating story with elegant twists and turns.

Reveal Playlist
01. Telectu - Palolo (1984)
02. Metro Riders - Rats (2017)
03. Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent - Secrets of Mana (excerpt) (2018)
04. CTM - Paloma Pt.1 (2018)
05. Mhah Mos - Loot (2018)
06. JH1.FS3 - every little detail (2019)
07. Brannten Schnüre - Der Seegeist (2016)
08. Liberez - Exercise restraint (part 1) (2013)
09. Bergsonist - Control over the system (2017)
10. Stacian - Headstand (2017)
11. Beau Wanzer - I Don’t even want to (2015)
12. Identified Patient - Het infuus (2017)
13. Kirchhofes - Unstet (2019)
14. Samantha Glass - Putting the male to rest part 2 (2018)
15. R23X - Ending 1 (2015)
16. Бassæ - Untitled (2019)
17. Anthony Naples - Drifter (2018)
18. Khotin - Water Soaked In Forever (2018)
19. Sofia Ozdravovna - The Oriel Window (2017)
20. Paco Sala - Trooper (unreleased)
21. Eiko Ishibashi - To the East (2018)

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