TIESE - EX NULLO | Limited-Edition Tape | OCT 28th

artwork by su-y

Our first limited edition tape comes out on Oct. 28, 2019. Here's a teaser of "Ex Nullo" from the Lithuanian industrial/noise duo Tiese - pre-order on Bandcamp.

The first release from secretthirteen is Tiese – Ex Nullo - an album born of hardware-based improvisation. This tape and digital release has churning industrial beats, an otherworldly laser-saw racket, playful and intricate distorted dubwise, refined ambiance over screeching, cathartic noise, and even something that may as well be a field recording of non-carbon-based lifeforms performing a baleful ritual.

Tiese’s music can be described by referring to the name of the project, which is the misspelled Lithuanian word for tangent or straight line. The deliberate mistake, aside from being there to annoy pedantic guardians of language, implies further transformations – truth (tiesa), for example. The creative process of Vilius Šiaulys and Antanas Dombrovskij (Tiese) involves submitting to the chaos of razor-sharp noise, abyssal drone, or spasmodic glitch, and improvising a way to draw a tangent or find the truth that connects the dots into a loose narrative.

TIESE industrial noise lithuania
Pic by su-y

In the case of Ex Nullo, the narrative ends in a violent and melancholic gauntlet of mechanical monotony, bringing about a perfect tabula rasa. We knew it was like nothing else long before it got the title Ex Nullo.

The subtleties of this homemade record were accentuated through the mastering of our friend Daniele Antezza of Dadub, aka Inner8. He took this rough 1-track recording and made it radiate life throughout every inch of the soundwave – one of his three major contributions to this process. The second was a vicious analog Inner8 remix, which can be heard at the end of the tape. The third was the introduction to Daniele De Santis at Dromoscope, who adapted the mastering for the tape and used his vintage gear to do the dubbing.

While Tiese was formed sometime around 2009, the duo had been working together since quite a bit earlier – going back at least to their work as part of Twentytwentyone. This ‘laptop quartet’ was a deeply conceptual project and perhaps an uneasy marriage of the cerebral and the intuitive. Vilius and Antanas, who shared a more like-minded, intuitive approach, went on to form Tiese.

All tracks written and produced by Vilius Šiaulys & Antanas Dombrovskij
Inner8 remix ending the record performed by Daniele Antezza
Mastering by Daniele Antezza
Dubbed by Daniele De Santis at Dromoscope
Cover art by su-y
Press pics by su-y
Photo of Tiese inside tape booklet by Laima Stasiulionytė
S13001 – All rights reserved © secretthirteen 2019

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