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Secret Thirteen Interviews

Secret Thirteen Interviews elaborate unusual and sometimes eccentric individualities. Questions of these versatile interviews often stretch beyond the boundaries of music. Topics including society, visual arts, technologies, literature etc. define music as an interactive, multi-angled concept and show its importance from various different angles. This section is like continuous stream of thoughts that should help our readers to get immersed into creative universe even more. read more

Secret Thirteen’s team invites all interlocutors itself but if you want to express your ideas and thinking to the journal readers, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always open for creative people.

The brand-new Secret Thirteen interview with Felix Kubin:


Secret Thirteen Interviews 031-045

Felix Kubin Mark Fell Lost Friday Tadas Svencionis ir Andy Black Forest Atom TM Monolake Secret-Thirteen-Interview-Lycia Secret-Thirteen-Interview-Tor Lundvall Upcoming---Secret-Thirteen-Interview Upcoming Secret 13 interview Upcoming Secret 13 interview Upcoming Secret 13 interview

031 – Tor Lundvall [East Hampton, New York, US] website
032 – Lycia [Tempe, Arizona, US] website
033 – Felix Kubin [Hamburg, Germany] website
034 – Mark Fell [Sheffield, United Kingdom] website
035 – LostFriday [Vilnius, Lithuania] website
036 – Andy Black Forest & Tadas Švenčionis [Vilnius, Lithuania - UK] website
037 – Atom™ [Santiago, Chile] website
038 – Monolake [Berlin, Germany] website

Secret Thirteen Interviews 016-030

Lisa-Sashno Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) Secret-Thirteen-Interview-Simon-Scott Laurel Halo photo Secret Thirteen Interview - Julianna Barwick Secret THirteen Mix - Nate Young Ran Slavin Interview Photo Lorenzo Durantini Nils Völker interview Secret Thirteen Interview - The Sight Below - Rafael Anton Irisarri Secret Thirteen Interview - The Soft Moon Secret Thirteen Interview - Ian Hawgood

016 – Rimantas Lukavičius (KORB) [Vilnius, Lithuania] website
017 – Joachim Sauter (ART+COM) [Berlin, Germany] website
018 – Ian Hawgood (Home Normal) [London, UK - Japan] website
019 – The Soft Moon [Oakland, US] website
020 – The Sight Below [Seattle, Washington, US] website
021 – Nils Völker [Berlin, Germany] website
022 – Lorenzo Durantini [London, UK - Italy] website
023 – Ran Slavin [Tel Aviv, Israel] website
024 – Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) [Royal Oak, Michigan, US] website
025 – Julianna Barwick [Missouri, US] website
026 – Laurel Halo [Michigan, NY, US] website
027 – Martial Canterel [Brooklyn, New York, US] website
028 – Simon Scott [Cambridge, UK] website
029 – Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) [Berlin, Germany - Finland] website
030 – Lisa Shahno [Moscow, Russia] website

Secret Thirteen Interviews 001-015

Interview with Orphx

001 – Robin Rimbaud – Scanner [London, UK] website
002 – Kreng [Mechelen, Belgium] website
003 – Tropic Of Cancer [Los Angeles, California, US] website
004 – Amanda Brown (Not Not Fun / LA Vampires) [Los Angeles, CA, US] website
005 – ASC (Auxiliary) [San Diego, California, US] website
006 – Orphx [Ontario, Canada] website
007 – Loscil [Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada] website
008 – Bvdub [China] website
009 – Mark Van Hoen [Brooklyn, NY, US - London, UK] website
010 – Chris Douglas – Dalglish [Berlin, Germany] website
011 – Adam Fowler [Brooklyn, NY, US] website
012 – Lebanon Hanover [UK] website
013 – Haus Arafna [Berlin, Germany] website
014 – James Blackshaw [London, UK] website
015 – Xhin [Singapore] website