L.E.V. 2015: the fusion of psychical sound and contemporary art


LEV Festival 2015 Spain

The Laboratory of Visual Electronics (L.E.V.), Gijon´s International Audio-Visual Creation Festival, (Spain) reaches its 9th edition. The dates chosen are April 30 – May 2. As always, the event will offer some of the most interesting and daring artistic proposals in the field of sound and visual creation.

L.E.V.’s commitment to avant-garde audiovisual arts focuses on cultural diversity, quality and forward looking offerings. Also, the surroundings and the venues are truly unique, and turn this festival into a real paradise for innovative art fans and artists. These include the imposing Church of La Laboral; the main Theater of Asturias and one of the best of northern Spain; the amazing Atlantic Botanic Garden for Saturday morning performances, and the Sound LAB of LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre.

It is no coincidence that Richard H. Kirk has chosen L.E.V. Festival for Cabaret Voltaire´s second live performance in over 20 years at L.E.V. Festival, after last yearʼs at Berlin Atonal. In fact, it is a brilliant opportunity to enjoy the new work by one of the greatest visionaries of our time and an unquestionable figure of modern music. Geniuses like Ben Frost (performing his classic A U R O R A), Legowelt, Nicolas Bernier (read Nicolas interview for Secret Thirteen here), Blank Mass, Jacaszek or Senking, who has already honored us with his astonishing mix, are amongst the names of this year’s edition. Also, Japan will have an important presence with Kidsuke, Daisuke Tanabe and Yosi Horikawa.

Audio Playlist

The complete line-up is as follows

Cabaret Voltaire Av Live (Mute, UK)
Ben Frost A U R O R A w/ MFO (Bedroom Community, Aus/De)
Legowelt (Clone, L.I.E.S., Creme Organization, Nl)
Blanck Mass (Sacred Bones, UK)
Nicolas Bernier: frequencies - light quanta (Ca)
Senking (raster-noton, De)
Yosi Horikawa (Fisrt Word Records, Jp)
Bochum Welt (BMG/Rephlex, It)
Gazelle Twin (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, UK)
Akkord (Houndstooth, UK)
Kidsuke (Project Mooncircle, UK/Jp)
Jacaszek & Alba G. Corral (Ghostly International, Pl/Es)
Daisuke Tanabe (Ki Records, Cat Eat Mosquito, Jp)
Transforma & Yro: BSynthome (Avoka, De/Fr)
PlayMid: Axial (Es)
Architectural (Architectural Recs, Es)
Paul Prudence: Cyclotone II (UK)
Skygaze (Love Our Records, Es)
Memorabilia (Holistic, Es)


LEV 2015 Festival Poster

L.E.V. 2015 - Official Festival Poster

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