Berlin Atonal - Shimmering Sonic Depths In The Cutting Edge Industrial Surroundings


Between 20th and 25th of August all the signs will lead to Kraftwerk Berlin, a former power station, where the 5-day immersion into complex and modern audiovisual depths awaits. The forward-thinking Berlin Atonal festival started in 1982 will offer conceptual performances by different generation artists to strengthen visitors’ musical sophistication and intentions even more. This architectural monument will host every performance, installation, seminar, workshop and aftershow party in the Berlin Atonal program. Everyone could imagine how many powerful electromagnetic waves will be radiated by such enduring and respectful projects as Cabaret Voltaire, presenting their very first live show after over 20 years, Monoton, Ike Yard or Ensemble Modern with London's Synergy Vocal ensemble playing Steve Reich’s fundamental minimalist composition “Music for 18 Musicians”. However, the names mentioned above are only a small part of the whole multiplex ambience, which consists of the most abyssal music production of nowadays that should penetrate each visitors psyche with all its staggering concepts and ingenious sound expressions. First-class musical offerings, world premieres, specially commissioned projects are an obvious guarantee. Moreover, this phenomenon will mark a symbolic 25 years anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Youtube playlist of music by Atonal artists:

The Dutch 4DSOUND creative team producing moving sound images in an unlimited spatial continuum will be premiering recently composed exclusive sets by Senking along with new installation by the world famous visual crew AntiVJ and a sound designer Thomas Vaquié and performances by 4DSOUND past residents Biosphere and Murcof. It will enable observer to walk through the space and experience sound from all the directions, immersing into completely new dimension that is full of thrilling senses. This will introduce a prolific practice of physicality, space and movement in music that remain unexplored.

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Atonal will also offer rare live performances by iconic drum and bass project Source Direct, Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare, DSCRD, The End of All Existence and longevous In Aeternam Vale act, bridging EBM, proto-techno and synthesised dark pop. There will also be some exclusive collaborations between musical innovators of these days such as Kerridge and OAKE, Donato Dozzy and Nuel, and Peter van Hoesen and Yves de Mey under Sendai alias. The fact that notable techno music producers like Dasha Rush, Neel, Abdulla Rashim or ADAM-71 will be presenting their more profound view to rhythmical sound schemes is more than exciting. Tim Hecker and Helm will generate a 100% pure bliss for breathtaking drones and noises seekers. And Secret 13 should state that there is no better place than ex-power plant’s cold and rough walls to make it happen.

Almost every evening of the festival will be summarised at the after parties taking place at OHM Berlin quarters and starting at midnight. Subtext Recordings will present one-night takeover with Roly Porter, and Paul Purgas and James Ginzburg from Emptyset in the front. The tumultuous performances by such respectable artists as Millie + Andrea, Sigha, Peder Mannerfelt, Shxcxchcxsh, Stanislav Tolkachiev and others are also in the program. Justinas Mikulskis aka S13 of Secret Thirteen will be playing the stone-cold and manoeuvrable DJ-set too. However, it is only a quick guideline of what awaits in this 5-day musical solar eclipse, which should expand scenic horizons of refined sound in every individual’s subconsciousness.

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Photos: Camille Blake

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