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ANFS records an enormous collage of dirty, sleazy shapes, connecting the past, present and future of our beloved world of industrial sound.


ANFS is the moniker of Athenian industrial/techno/experimental musician George Anifantis. He has been a staple of the darker corners of the scene since 2014, when his first EP came out on the Greek Modal Analysis. Over the past 4 years ANFS has made a handful of brilliant, banger EPs with equal degrees of Stygian depth and aggression. His creations are cathartic, usually building in intensity through clever, unobvious techniques of songcrafting, yet often they begin from a point of high intensity. ANFS is one of the masters of nasty-sounding, terrifying, downright evil tracks that have a lot of drive and keep you glued to the speakers. His latest solo release, Tzina’s House on Kafta, is a good example of just that, and so is his work with Sawf, which the duo release under Vofa (be sure to check out their killer PI05 EP, which came out just a month ago). ANFS is clearly a perfectionist and this approach has let him give the world some sick stuff, but it’s time for another release. For the time being though, there’s this!

Secret Thirteen Mix 257 has been a loooong time in the making, and after such a long wait it’s easy to get disappointed. But not this time. This 42 track collage of obsidian jewels is almost 2 hours long and we wouldn’t mind it being a lot longer. ANFS weaves all these wicked, slow, industrial-minded shapes into a continuous, hypnotic groove that stays in perpetual, solid motion. He calls it We Shall Go Out As We Came In. There are plenty of old favorites on here that have inspired ANFS’ sound over the years - Sleazy, Godflesh, William Bennett, the late great Mika Vainio, Trepaneringsritualen, Ministry - too many to name. ANFS builds a hub where their vision can continue through contemporary preachers of sonic dirt - Pharmakon, Shane English, Body Sculptures, etc. ANFS includes some very compelling forthcoming material as well, completing the cycle and rooting this mix in eternity. There it shall remain. The emotion in ANFS’ darkly beautiful, hypnotic collage reminds Terry Frost’s Tree, Tree, where the sense of mystery meets a paradoxical feeling of calm.

ANFS on the mix:
“The idea behind this slow paced mix for Secret 13, was to make a sound collage of new tracks that i liked over the last years, combined with some older ones that have inspired me through the time, plus some edits and forthcoming material, all based on abstract and industrial rhythmic sounds and textures.”


01. Carla Dal Forno - The Garden [Blackest Ever Black, 2017]
02. Peter Christopherson - Time Machines ii - 3 [Threshold House, 2014]
03. Mika Vainio - Frekvenssi [Sakho Recordings, 2008]
04. Burzum - Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität [Misanthropy Records, 1996]
05. Heroin In Tahiti - Remoria I [Soave, 2017]
06. Pharmakon - Nakedness Of Need [Sacred Bones, 2017]
07. ANFS - Ground#2 [Modal Analysis, 2014]
08. Body Sculptures - Feet Into Soil [Posh Isolation, 2016]
09. Bakunin Commando - I [Amok Tapes, 2015]
10. Kondaktor - Signal#2 (Sawf Remix) [Modal Analysis, 2014]
11. Godflesh - Pre Self [Avalance Recordings, 2017]
12. Civil Defense Programme - The Comfort Of Things [Sleeparchive, 2014]
13. Cut Hands - Brown Brown [Very Friendly, 2012]
14. Trepaneringsritualen - Serpent Seed [Tesco Organisation, 2017]
15. Homemade Weapons - Spasymolytic (Ancestral Voices Remix) [Samurai Music, 2017]
16. Simo Cell - Obi 1 [Livity Sound, 2016]
17. Aziza - Ise Fotia [Forthcoming]
18. Mika Vainio - Mining [Editions Mego, 2017]
19. Geier Aus Stahl - Müdes Geschrei [Eine Welt, 2017]
20. Morah - Voltage#3 (Vapauteen Remix) [Modal Analysis, 2017]
21. S.English - Icon [L.I.E.S, 2017]
22. Lassigue Bendthaus - Re-Clone#9 (Beats Edit) [Contempo Records, 1992]
23. Aziza - Salia [Forthcoming]
24. Morah - There Is Something That Should We Discuss [Forthcoming Contort Yourself]
25. Toresch - Quedarte [Offen Music, 2016]
26. Techno Animal - Cruise Mode [Matador, 2001]
27. Scorn - The Snow Hills (Beats Edit) [Hymen Records, 2002]
28. Haus Arafna - You [Galakthorrö, 2010]
29. Morah - Arpyies [Vanila, 2017]
30. Ministry - You Know What You Are [Sire, 1988]
31. Celluloid Mata - H.A.T.E.D [Ant Zen, 2002]
32. Morah - Sirines [Vanila, 2017]
33. It - Logic Nosie Cargo [Hymen Records, 1999]
34. Lvrin - Dark Squall [Phormix Tapes, 2018]
35. Lassigue Bendthaus - Static [Parade Amoureuse, 1991]
36. Nine Inch Nails - Closer [Nothing Records, 1994]
37. Aziza - Boukali [Forthcoming]
38. Privacy - Query B [Valcrond Video, 2016]
39. Emptyset - Return [Subtext, 2011]
40. Body Scultptures - Turning Field [Posh Isolation, 2016]
41. NON - Black Sun [Mute, 2002]
42. British Murder Boys - Final (Live In Tokyo) [Downwards, 2014]

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