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One half of enigmatic techno duo Shxcxchcxsh, Sstrom weaves a futuristic narrative of diverse rhythms, dense atmospheres and cinematic techno.

Sstrom is the solo moniker of Hannes Stenström - member of the experimental techno duo Shxcxchcxsh (check out their mix and interview) and formerly of Swedish electro pop band Slagsmålsklubben. Shxcxchcxsh are known for their textured and cinematic techno with a focus on the organic and warm material surface of sound, refined, harmonic soundscapes, and a sensuous approach to rhythm. They create alien landscapes with their multilayered sonic formations. Sstrom’s sound, however, is more explicitly rhythmic and raw - encompassing the more physical and improvisatory aspect of techno. But the atmospheric touch is retained here as well. It flourished in his debut full-length Otider, which was released on the duo’s own Rösten label. The full-length incorporated a diversity of genres and elements,ranging from ‘90s rave echoes to hints of minimal/synth or just futuristic harmonies powered by refined rhythms. It was indeed one of the most colorful offers in the current techno landscape.

Secret Thirteen Mix 269 is a concrete, dense, yet vivid and spacious exploration of mostly contemporary techno and its refined intensity. Even though the selection is very rhythmical, it also has a strong atmospheric feel and hypnotic sensibility. The rhythms shift smoothly, maintaining a constant BPM and it creates the effect of a vast continuum, stretching out into the horizon. It definitely brings to mind Jeff Mills’ statement about techno being the “futurist statement” rather than dance music. This reference finds some backing from the inclusion of the Underground Resistance track. The mix is conceptually framed by the hypnotic synth reverie of Somnambulist at the beginning and Martin Rev’s ambientish floating piece at the end. Both are mixed with Lena Platonos’ spoken word passages. These moments act as an introduction and denouement respectively, they get you in and out of the rhythmic intensity. Despite its minimalist approach, the selection is not claustrophobic. It is rather like a fast-paced trip in some aerodynamic pod, passing neon-lit and monolithic cityscapes. So take this ride - it will give pleasure to both your body and soul.

Sstrom on the mix< “When choosing these tracks I had some ideas about a minimalistic approach to rhythms. The styles were not as important, but i guess they are all some unconscious outcome of what I like. Mainly I wanted to keep the mix pretty straightforward, linear, but in a very floating way.”

Reveal Playlist
01. Somnambulist - Trip To Brussels [Central Tapes, 1984]
02. Lena Platanos - Cyaniris [Lyra, 1986]
03. The Lotus Eaters - Anchor [Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2018]
04. ENA - Waft [Latency, 2016]
05. Neel - Renio [Token, 2018]
06. R Görl - Triple Dripping [Disko B, 1998]
07. UR - Hunting The Program Director [Underground Resistance, 2007]
08. Terrence Dixon - Minimalism II [Background, 2000]
09. R Görl - Dizzy Loophead [Disko B, 2000]
10. Arweenn - Overrun (Stanislav Tolkachev Pure Bass Remix) [Diffuse Reality, 2018]
11. Struktur - A2 [Struktur, 2018]
12. Positive Center - Ancestor One (Sleeparchive Remix 2) [In Silent Series, 2018]
13. Yogg & Pharaoh - Abadei [Parallax, 2018]
14. Inigo Kennedy - The Difficult Third B1 [Asymmetric, 2000]
15. Ø - Scene 1 [Sähkö, 2018]
16. Olga+Josef - #06 A3 [Olga+Josef, 2000]
17. Marco Shuttle - Onda Anomala [Curle, 2018]
18. Chevel - Arp 2600 [Different Circles, 2018]
19. Dolo Percussion - Dolo 12 [The Trilogy Tapes, 2018]
20. Archetype - Hydroglyphic [Pohjola, 2009]
21. Elektrabel - Fullon [?,?]
22. Samuli Kemppi - Impossible Landscape [Semantica, 2017]
23. JK Flesh - Different Species [Electric Deluxe, 2018]
24. D-Man - B1 [Workshop, 2018]
25. Mod21 - Philadelphia Experiment (Marco Shuttle Kickass remix) [Mod21, 2018]
26. Sigha - Techno Derivates [Avian, 2016]
27. Lena Platanos - Cyaniris [Lyra, 1986]
28. Martin Rev - Coyote [Mind Expansion, 2009]

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Paulius Ilevicius is a Secret Thirteen journalist, editor and occasional DJ focusing on more dreamy and melancholic soundscapes. Born in post-industrial town of Pavevezys, currently he lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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