STM 285 - Cumpire

French artist Cumpire aka Geoffroy C. Dedenis

Photo from artist's personal archive

French audiovisual artist Cumpire uses his New Blood slot to explore pop cultural translation and individual experience of speed through an eclectic and frenetic mix.

Geoffroy C. Dedenis is a French artist based in Paris. For the past 10 years, he's been making videos, photos, collages and tapes. Most of his creative activities combine cut-up techniques, détournement, remix that use either sounds, pictures, or the mental images he tries to design with audiovisual material. He tends to use raw material and focus on subjects such as desire, psychosis and drugs. When he's working with music, it's mostly under the name Cumpire. He uses tapes for their emotional impact and energy, without regard for the genres. Lately, he's been working on a film project and tried to organize his visual material in a new form, „Violent Narcissus“.

In his eclectic hour and a half long mix for New Blood, Cumpire tries to design a narrative about speed – the drug itself, its pop cultural translation and how one may experience it, from the initial euphoric rush to bursts of anger, to madness and obsession. The structure repeats itself until a final crash, a relapse into calm and perhaps even happy end. The mix wanders from industrial to noise, punk electro, and whatever genre he found representative of the amphetamine flow – aggressive, cleverly paranoid and potentially dangerous.

Cumpire on the mix:

The idea was to do something funny and destructive in both negative and positive way, in the sense of the transcendental, shamanistic power one can catch while swimming through this overly energetic fields. I really wanted to use music and sound that possess repetitive, stimulating and debilitating qualities to match the mental state where speed users lose track with the continuity of time, to go inside a loop, a frenetic spiral where they draw connections between previously isolated elements.

Reveal Playlist
01. Groupgris - Control Whitex [Wwilko, 2002]
02. Young Cream - Flute [ 2010]
03. Ninos Du Brasil - O Vento Chama Seu Nome [La Tempesta International, 2017]
04. Future Blondes - Heartless [Dull Knife Records, 2008]
05. Ron Morelli - Laugh Taker [Hospital Productions, 2018]
06. Hiro Kone - Pure Expenditure (feat Group A) [Dais Records, 2018]
07. Godflesh - Crush My Soul (Ultramix) [Earache, 1995]
08. Virgin Mega Whore - Post-Perversion [Coalition Records, 2005]
09. Foetus & Richard Kern - Submit To Me Now (Excerpt) [Deathtrip Films, 1987]
10. Jessica 93 - Uranus [Teenage Menopause Records, 2014]
11. Headwar - Endless Nameless [Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?, 2014]
12. Bizarre Uproar - Untitled [Filth And Violence, 2009]
13. Whitehouse - Live Action 100 [Susan Lawly, 2018]
14. Muddy Magnolias - American Woman (David Lynch Remix) [Rhino Records, 2017]
15. La Chatte - Coeur De Pierre (Plaisir De France Remix) [2014]
16. DJ Hell - Follow You [International Deejay Gigolo Records, 2003]
17. Exploded View - Disco Glove [Sacred Bones Records, 2016]
18. A.H.Kraken - Gianna Michaels [Sweet Rot Records, 2008]
19. Alan Vega - Hot Nines [Labels, 1999]
20. Harshlove - Tel Aviv La Fête [Oldirtydancin' Records, 2013]
21. Daisy Chainsaw - Zebra Head [One Little Indian, 1994]
22. Sewn Leather - Bootz Are For Kikkkin [Hoax Records, 2012]
23. House of Ladosha - Hold Up Wait [2012]
24. Gvcci Hvcci - Elle [2011]
25. Theatre Of Ice - Brain Damage [Demented Mind Mill, 1983]
26. Team Plastique - Hamburger [Fondue Records, 2006]
27. Divorce - Snob Value [Night School, 2012]
28. Barry Adamson - Intensive Care [Mute, 1989]
29. Peter Rehberg - M13 [Editions Mego, 2008]
30. Secret Abuse - Domino [Not Not Fun Records, 2008]
31. Love And Rockets - I Feel Speed [Beggars Banquet, 1989]
32. Beef Terminal - Sick Love Under Toronto [Noise Factory Records, 2000]
33. HTRK - Body Double [Ghostly International, 2011]

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