STM 241 - Jaroška

Deividas Jaroska aka Blackwing

Photo credits: Miglė Ma

A conceptual and personal collage of ‘90s noise, musique concrète and other sonic abstractions from the Lithuanian Deividas Jaroška, a.k.a. Blackwing


Jaroška is an up and coming Lithuanian producer creating music in the areas of rhythmic industrial music and techno. He has been active for a few years over which time and presented his intense live sets in a number of events and festivals in Lithuania, employing different monikers (David Blackwing, Karkasas etc). He has also released a tape on the local underground label Ghia in 2017. During his sets, Jaroška likes to merge incompatible things, hop across different colors and moods, occasionally pushing the listener out of his comfort zone. For his sonic endeavors he combines software and hardware tools, using gear ranging from contact mics and acoustic instruments to phones and an Electron Octatrack. Having grown in the a homestead in Juodšilis, a remote Lithuanian village, Jaroška experienced isolation after moving to Vilnius early on. This was one of the main factors that influenced his development as an artist with a unique worldview and the courage to go against the stream. Apart from his performer/producer activities, Jaroška also hosts a radio show titled Dėžė Dėžutėj with a few like-minded people and works with the Coherent Sound project.

Secret Thirteen Mix 241 is a conceptual mix of noise, musique concrète and other abstract sonic forms. Jaroška recorded this collage using an Octatrack and a portable power supply out in the woods of Antakalnis in Vilnius, Lithuania. This artistic decision was made in order to arrive at a state of solitude and introspection - a nightmare of the information overload era. The mix mimics this state of mind as detached snippets of conversation, music or otherwise barge in on the consciousness of the unwilling person, causing frustration, confusion, or, on the contrary, bliss. A common thread linking all 27 tracks together is an incessant, nagging synthetic sequence, perhaps signifying the real within the hall of mirrors. The recording is crafty and smooth, never providing a departure from the sense that everything is one track - something helped quite a bit by various audio manipulations as well as the inclusion of Jaroška’s personal field recordings. The chaotic nature, unusual treatment of instruments/objects of Rebecca Horn’s “Concert for Anarchy” installation could be a visual companion for this mix. The artwork has a disorienting dynamic in terms of relation between objects within it and the artist-viewer connection, which in this regard is similar to this mix.

1. Deividas Jaroska - German kid learns Lithuanian while I play mobile synth (field recordings) [2017]
2. The Foetus Symphony Orchestra - Puddlin' Doorway (York (First Exit To Brooklyn) [Thirsty Ear, 1997]
3. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Uberlebensformen (The Harvest Of Magnetism) [Discos Esplendor Geometrico, 1990]
4. Amitriptyline (Elavil) Side Effects (youtube recordings) [Deividas Jaroska Improvisations]
5. Hypersexual Nymphomaniacs - Baron Samedi (The Second Exhibition) [Arjuna Organisation 1994]
6. Decibel - Caramatexi (Fortuna Virilis) [Momia Discos, 1999]
7. Richard Abrams - The Bird Song (Levels And Degrees Of Light) [Delmark Records 1999 (reissue)]
8. Mario Schiano, Paul Lovens, Peter Kowald, Paul Rutherford, Ernst Reijseger ‎- Used To Be Friends (Used To Be Friends) [Splasc(H) Records 1996]
9. BBC Speechless - As Trader Tells Truth (youtube recordsings) [Deividas Jaroska Improvisations]
10. Asmus Tietchens - Hydrophonie 11 (Seuchengebiete 2) [Syrenia,1991]
11. Archon Satani - Hymn Of Despair (Memento Mori) [Memento Mori, 1993]
12. Philip Jeck - Box of Lamb (Surf) [Touch 1999]
13. Deividas Jaroska - Some Smooth Jazz at the mall Live (Field recordings) [2017]
14. Tietchens / Liquidsky - Fraueninnenhygiene (Monoposto) [Dradomel, 1991]
15. Decibel - La Charamusca (Fortuna Virilis) [Momia Discos, 1999]
16. Raymonde - La Mort du Dieu Éléphant (J'aime Bien Le Tonnerre) [Zèbres Records, 2017]
17. Troum & raison d'être - Folia (De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu) [Essence Music, 2015]
18. Zoviet France - Rays Parallel (Just An Illusion) [Staalplaat, 1990]
19. Daniel Menche - Static Burn (Static Burn) [Soleilmoon Recordings, 1994]
20. System Shock 2 - SHODAN (youtube recordings)
21. Ab Baars Trio - Enter From The East (A Free Step (The Music Of John Carter) [Geestgronden, 1999]
22. Deividas Jaroška - 2017/04/05 String that holds the door (field recordings) [2017]
23. Aaron Dilloway - It‘s not alright (The Gag File) [Dais Records, 2017]
24. Deividas Jaroška - Poklabis su haichi (field recordins/interviews) [2017]
25. Mark Bain - Skowhegan Bridge (Vibronics) Skowhegan Bridge recorded at Skowhegan (Maine, USA) in 1998 [Staalplaat, 2000]
26. Debt Of Nature - 30 Fathoms Under Hamper(Perpetual State Of Oracular Dream) [Baader-Meinhof, 1991]
27. Стук Бамбука в XI Часов - Стены и Туманы (Легкое Дело Холод) [Not On Label (Стук Бамбука В XI Часов Self-released), 1991]

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Tadas Švenčionis is a Secret Thirteen editor and journalist. He organizes the occasional event in Lithuania and is obsessed with the harsh, the sad, the delirious, and the political.

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