STM 263 - Jung An Tagen


Photo by Milica Balubdzic

Jung An Tagen of Editions Mego and the SHAPE platform records a mix combining works of computer music, musique concrète, and fringe techno


Jung An Tagen is the musical project of Viennese artist Stefan Juster, who has been gracing the world of sound with his experimental contributions since the mid 2000s. He has been known as Lars Leerkörper, Cruise Family, Easy Rider, and other names. In the past (the label hasn’t released anything since 2014) he ran his own cassette label, SF Broadcasts, where many of his Cruise Family records were released. Jung An Tagen has been the most successful of Stefan’s projects, eventually garnering the attention of Editions Mego, as well as the wonderful SHAPE platform. Edition Mego’s preoccupation with futuristic, cutting-edge sounds lends itself very well to the music of Jung An Tagen. For this project, Stefan builds intricate and alien synth structures, which are themselves constructed of smaller, semi-autonomous arrangements. Stefan knows what he’s aiming to achieve, and he does it with determined precision. For his latest record, Agent Im Objekt, Jung An Tagen takes his unique approach to the dancefloor. The result is certainly not a banger, but it will mess with your mind to no end!

Secret Thirteen Mix 263 showcases Stefan’s knack for icy sonic structures. This time he builds them using the music of labels that have been known to dabble in computer music, musique concrète, and other inhospitable, exploratory genres - Editions Mego, Raster-Noton, The Death Of Rave, etc. Jung An Tagen weaves the works of artists like Mark Fell, Second Woman, Ryoji Ikeda, Florian Hecker, and others so smoothly that the whole thing seems seamless - all the tracks born of similarly-minded musicians and meeting here in Stefan’s electronic castle. The mix takes broken rhythms and non-rhythms that exist well outside any regular environment, and from there takes a step towards the dancefloor (in a move similar to his latest record). There is an obvious fascination with miniature elements going through this compilation, just as it does through Stefan’s own works. A wonderful journey for anyone who loves to analyze, reminiscent of Sarah Morris’ Pools - Century [Miami].

Jung An Tagen will perform at Skaņu Mežs festival's White Night event on 8 September in Riga, Latvia


1. Jean-Claude Risset - Mutations [INA-GRM, 1978]
2. Markus Schmickler - Hypercubist Pareto Dist [Editions Mego, 2010]
3. Mark Fell - 2-A [Raster-Noton, 2010]
4. Second Woman - 800438ul8 [Spectrum Spools, 2016]
5. Cam Deas - Exercise 1 [The Death Of Rave, 2018]
6. Rielkur - 316824525 [?, ?]
7. Headless Horseman - Execution [Headless Horseman, 2014]
8. Enformig - Ruptio [Monography, 2012]
9. Jean Schwarz - Erda [Recollection GRM, 2012]
10. Ryoji Ikeda - Data.Microhelix [Raster-Noton, 2006]
11. Taylor Deupree - Clir [Mille Plateaux, 2001]
12. Hecker - A Script For Machine Synthesis [Editions Mego, 2017]
13. Ryoji Ikeda - Data.Superhelix [Raster-Noton, 2006]
14. Eric Frye - Some Consequences of Four Incapacities [Salon, 2015]
15. Jean Schwarz - Erda [Recollection GRM, 2012]
16. Mark Fell & Gabor Lazar - Untitled [The Death Of Rave, 2015]
17. Florian Hecker - Bsf-tyk 5 [Mego, 2003]
18. Thomas Brinkmann - PSA [Editions Mego, 2016]
19. Emmanuel Top - Echo [MB Elektronics, 2016]
20. Marcel Dettmann - Rerun [Marcel Dettmann Records, 2009]
21. DJ Nervoso - 27Aca [Principe, 2016]
22. M2 - Tone Exploitation [Mille Plateaux, 2001]
23. Jung An Tagen - 23:59 [0] off (Ping timeout: 2sec) [Editions Mego, 2018]
24. Stanislav Tolkachev - The Right Side of Hell [Geophone, 2014]
25. Bernard Parmegiani - Kaléidoscope 2 [INA-GRM, 1992]

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